I have a stupid furry crush on someone’s stupid furry oc I’ve had this crush for years it feels good to say it out loud

piraticalpsyche whispered: scribble axmarco


this ship is going to be the death of me why did you have to introduce this idea to me what did i do to deserve this


What are your headcanons about me?




Just curious. 

This sounds really fucking awesome.

Guys make headcanons about me.



i can’t believe quizilla is shutting down… now how am i supposed to find out what anime elemental girl i am or who my yu-gi-oh boyfriend is

an old sketch of my oldest ocs, near and dear to my heart <333

from left to right, owen, thomas, alice. i posted them like, once before

i love them so much i need to figure out how to go about sharing them more and telling u every irritating detail about them

EDIT: changed image bc the last upload was a jpeg and it looked horribleeee

imagreatbowler replied to your post: “imagreatbowler replied to your post: “Harry potter for the ship meme…”:
you don’t ever talk about teen wolf lol. i could ask you about twilight.

haha youre right, not since i was going on about scott/danny anyway

omg yea i could pull up thoughts about twilight it has been an Age since ive talked about it

this close to drawing human sonic ships

thiiiis close

what if i just listened to animorphs audiobooks while i colored these sketches

are there even animorphs audiobooks

i doubt it

send me fandoms so i can tell u my ships people!!!