just watched the most recent adventure time btw

it fucked me up

how do u block the notifs on a post again…?


thankscorelton replied to your post: thankscorelton replied to your post:wh…

i could never delete mike kane hes so important

i still have the Most Important one…..




Dragon Age fans be looking at the companions like



tiny cuban dork and barbie doll gf

the pic that tricked me into watching 


i sketched em while i was watching

this is horrible i rly like this show

i wanna draw more detentionaire i want to encourage ppl to watch more detentionaire

welp time to watch detentionaire and try to draw something before work


Fresh off the Bioware devs’ twitter feed.

Please excuse me as I flail like a nutter.

I don’t know how expensive it’d be to have another trailer with the rest of the other kinds of Inquisitors you could play as, but hey, it’s all looking really good from where I’m sitting :D.

Dragon Age box art cover haters can go sit down now. They got their whitebread guy hero trailer.

i was gonna say ‘DUDES SEND ME THINGS TO DRAW’ but im getting ready to go out and eat 

so SEND ME REQUESTS TO DRAW and ill draw em later

dragon age: inquisition + companions

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