ok i fixed the ask ugh

Loud screaming I didn’t answer the ask that way I’m getting pissed w tumblr mobile goddamn

Anonymous whispered: Ayyy i saw the show tonight! So inspiring :) I loved the act with Mirada(?) and the bowl of water. It was so elegant, it reminded me of a mermaid trapped in a fish bowl. Anyway, great job to the crew and cast! Also I know how you feel with going to see the show as a guest rather than with work. Its like you nonchalantly sit there, having this 'secret' of knowing exactly whats going to happen and when.. idk what it is but its exciting!

Oh wow haha, what a coincidence!!

I’m glad you liked the show, and yeah the character is Miranda. If you saw the 8 oclock show last night, you got to see the new act we’re working on, the roue cyr in the second half!!! Thoughts?

Yeah idk the show was really exciting to see as a patron, it was a good reminder as to what’s so exciting for this show. I feel like I’m in too deep sometimes to really like it haha, so it’s good to see the show from the surface and remember what others are seeing!

Fulfilled my dream today of having a picture of myself onsite!! We aren’t allowed to have electronics during our shifts but wth today I was a guest B)

I’ll talk more about that hella experience later tho

ALSO speaking of cirque im!!!! really excited!!

my younger sister is visiting, and we’re taking her to see the show tonight!!!

and i know ive seen that damn show literally 500 times but im SUPER EXCITED to come in and see the show as a patron???

like i havent seen it as a patron since i started working here, and i think itll be fun!!! ill go in and KNOW people and i can sit DOWN and i dont have to WORRY about shit (tho im still probably gonna have an eye out to make sure that all of the safety cues are performed aefjawefokjwe;fa im a sucker)

iim alkso holding on to a secret hope that my supervisor will put us in the producer seats! i have literally ALWAYS wanted to watch the show from there, theyre the best seats in the house, and we always ‘save’ them for in case we get a special guest or in case guy laliberte himself shows up (whICH DID HAPPEN ONCE)

i have other hopes as well but only time will tell uGH im so excited wth i cant wait to go t here and use the front gate and buy expensive snacks and sit in one of those dumb chairs and watch the same show i see every day i love this damn job ugh

omG i was literally inspired by a video i saw to like

make a cirque show

like i wanna design character groups and costumes, a general sound and theme and aesthetic, i wanna choose acts and everything for the show, wanna design the look of the stage…

now if only i had the influence to make this a reality!!!

ill probs sketch some stuff up for it but i mean ill probably loose steam for it right away haha

OK so we’re on the way home from a failed night on the Mall

And by failed, I mean I didn’t want to wander the Mall all night again, and so it worked out for me that we didn’t haha

We went to this bar/diner that I really liked, and my first impression was immediately positive

We walked up, and a woman drinking outside sees us and goes “oh no you guys look interesting as hell” and she basically immediately goes “I LIKE you guys, first round is on me”

And the bartender didn’t take any of our money for drinks AND poured really heavy on them haha

One of my friends got the same drink as me and we took a sip at the same time, looked at each other, arched our brows, and nodded big time omg I fucking laughed

So yeah good environment, excellent food, and I didn’t pay for any of my other drinks either bc the bartender just chatted w me and let me have em

10/10 will go again

Qfejdfisfdqvprbkdcq I have GOT to be more careful fooling around with this guy

I keep encouraging him to bite my neck and he ruINED me I’m all bruises turning my head isn’t enjoyable I did this to myself wth send help

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omg link please?
im laughin ok here is the link
theres a little over 1000 books on there so thats exciting!!! my first pick is p good so far, tho the cover is terrible
i just saw the title Non-Caucasian Protagonists in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Paranormal Romance

and it was so out of this world perfect wth the fact that it has just over 1000 voters as well, and an active response feed and stuff, is good to know. its good to know that theres 1000 people active on that site that are looking for a little color in their fiction, because DAMN is it needed

it says ive already read 3 books on the list and that 3 of the books are in my to-read list, so hey, theres people voting up books w a similar taste to myself

Feeling pretty today, so here’s some more prework selfies haha

Got the no-smile, the slight smile, and something more manic. Gonna figure this out some day